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Previous Experiences
& Projects

RSVLTS Future Nostalgia Campaign

RSVLTS is a clothing company in Hoboken, New Jersey. My team & I joined them for a semester-long campaign aimed towards generation-z to increase brand recognition and sales from a younger target audience. We wanted to stay true to the brand and implement user-generated content throughout our campaign to attract a younger generation to RSVLTS merchandise. My role specifically was to produce the creative content and determine the campaign branding throughout the campaign, ie. the campaign book, presentation slides, color theme, typeface, etc. I also, aided in creating example Instagram posts, and creating example personas. 

Scientific Writing

Capstone Undergraduate Research is my most recent scientific analysis project. Below will be a few examples from this research project. I have also included a research paper from a physics class on the magnetic railroad and an example of my excel labs to demonstrate organization and detail in my writing.  

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